Fostering Future Industrial Applications and Novel Mechanical Design

Implementing the humanoid robot into real human society is the ultimate dream for robotic researchers. It has led to many robotic embodiments in recognizably anthropomorphic forms integrating motion, perception, and interaction to recreate the physical, cognitive, and social functions of humans. However, we are still on the long journey of creating a humanoid robot like a human being in real-world scenarios. One of the biggest challenges we are facing while designing and building a humanoid robot is how to provide extensive sensorimotor capabilities and promote the discovery of new techniques and methods. For instance, additive manufacturing and artificial skin may help the humanoid robot more like a human in morphology, and further, the inspiration from the physiology understanding of human motion could reveal the under-exploited hardware components, such as ultra explosive power actuator and the high-efficiency active heat dissipation system. Our invited speakers will engage in in-depth discussions on these challenges, aiming to inspire future innovations in applications and humanoid robot design.